Megamendung for Rain

Batik is a trademark from Java, namely Central Java, West Java, and East Java. Each city has its own unique batik design. The design is not just a picture with no meaning. As a matter of fact, from a piece of batik fabric, we can learn the phylosophy of the design.

What I am about to share with you is the design from Cirebon batik. Cirebon is a small city located in West Java. The most famous batik from the city is the one that has megamendung design on it. This design is very much influenced by Chinese culture. It is not surprising at all because in Cirebon there is a harbor called Muara Jati where people from overseas (including China) come and go. Added by the fact that one of the most influenced person at that time, Sunan Gunung Jati, married with Ratu Ong Tien of China, megamendung batik design definitely has Chinese touch in it.

Mendung itself means gloomy, while mega means huge. Megamendung is also often called Awan-awanan motif. Awan means clouds. So, the design of megamendung conveys the expectation of the people for the rain to come to make the soil fertile and to bring life for living creatures.

megamendung04 Megamendung for Rain
Megamendung batik design using only blue colors
megamendung03 Megamendung for Rain

Red and blue megamendung design

megamendung02 150x150 Megamendung for Rain

Yellow and brown megamendung design

Originally, the color of the design is a combination of dark blue and bright blue. The dark blue signifies the rain and the bright one symbolizes the cheerful life that the rain has brought. The blue color also represents the sky.

With the trend of fashion, megamendung batik design has indeed evolved. Batik craftmen and designers often combine megamendung design with animal pictures, floral pictures, and even with abstract design. They escape from the original blue color and experiment with other colors. They don’t limit the drawing or printing of megamendung design merely on mori fabric but also on other fabrics e.g. silk, linen, cotton, etc. They even use megamendung design for haute couture…

Wish for some pouring rain..? Perhaps megamendung can help…


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2 Responses to Megamendung for Rain

  1. bank please pray 3 hail mary's for this anti-catholic man . says:

    Selain memilih motif yang indah, pada umumnya kain batik yang dipergunakan oleh pasangan pengantin adalah kain batik yang berkualitas paling baik.

  2. Althea Nordlund says:

    This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

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